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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

thank you

Today we had our pre-surgical appointments at UIHC. Everything went well. More blood drawn from both of us. Dad had a few re-checks since it had been so long since the first ones. He had to take his clothes off twice...I got to keep mine on the whole day!!!

I don't even want to talk about the three hours that I waited to see the surgeon.


I do NOT have to have an enema.

They are taking my left (for sure)...putting it on his right (I think).

My new (biggest) scar will be in the bikini line area (just in case I decide to wear a bikini someday to show off my belly....and large c-secion scar). There will also be a couple (maybe three) really small scars where they insert the instruments for laparoscopic surgery.

They are gluing me together instead of staples (Shelley thought gluing was appropriate, since I am a teacher).

I got to see the pictures that they took of my kidneys last time. VERY cool.

I was sitting across from Mom and Dad in the waiting room and Dad came over and sat right next to me and said:

I thought I'd come over and sit closer to you so my kidney can get used to your kidney.

Later he said:

Did you feel that? I think my republican kidney is already starting to reject your democrat kidney.

As I got out of the car Dad hugged me and said "Thank you."



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