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Monday, September 04, 2006


I had this whole long thing written about a concert that I attened on Sunday...but it's not finished...and so tonight I decided to just share the lyrics to this song by Jen Chapin:


satin shadows
silken air
hands on eyes
I feel you there
fingers folding
round my waist
I know nothing but the taste of skin
we are nothing but skin

wrinkled forehead won't allow
me to rest in your soft now
trusting trusting
I'll let go
into secrets that you know in your skin
we are nothing but skin

in the dim light from the bar
I can see you not so far
I can watch you lost in your song
then I remember you belong to my skin
we are nothing but skin

It was much better live than on the CD and overall I say "eh"...but I love the lyrics.


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