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Thursday, August 24, 2006

i smell karl

Six or more years ago, I wouldn't have been so "conspiracy theory" about all of this...but...I've been proven wrong time and time again.

Do you know your Secretary of State? It's a very important state governmental position...especially in times like these. During the upcoming election: Iowans need to pay attention.

In June there was a primary election, and (Republican) voters chose Chuck Allison as their candidate for Secretary of State. Fast forward one month, and Allison "mysteriously" drops out of the race. Instead of selecting Robert Dopf, the runner up in the primary, the GOP state central committee unanimously picked Mary Ann Hanusa (seemingly out of nowhere). There were several other names thrown around in the media, but Hanusa was the only one considered by the state central committee (says Cullen Sheehan, executive director of the Iowa Republican Party).

Why do I smell a bit-o-Rovalicious?? Manusa hasn't lived in Iowa for the last five years. She works for George W. Bush. She also worked for his father. Yes, she is registered to vote in Iowa, of course. I wonder how I could find out if she's ALWAYS been registered to vote in Iowa? Not that it matters. She was HANDPICKED. If you think this administration wants fair, lawful elections, you are wrong. If I ever questioned the "conspiracy theories" hanging over the last two general elections...I no longer do. (Fact is, I was convinced long ago, but this just adds fuel to the fire). This is clearly the work of "the architect".

Iowa Democrats and Independents listen: If you want a chance at fair elections in Iowa, you must get out and vote...Michael Mauro for Secretary of State.


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