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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

seriously, are you kidding me????

Mr. 37% was in Pennsylvania today "pitching the economy". Whatever. Then he was trying to raise money for Lynn Swann (former Steeler running for Gov. against incumbent Ed Rendell). Why does he think he would be at all helpful to him? Better yet, why does Swann?? Seriously, are you kidding me??

Cheers and applause erupted inside the Harley-Davidson Inc. vehicle operations plant here when Bush straddled a high-end model painted blue and white and revved its engine again and again. Climbing down, he ripped off blue-tinted safety glasses that he insisted made him look like rock star Bono and jokingly struck a pose intended to show a hip side.

"I'm just looking so far," Bush said during a tour of the plant where 3,200 employees work around the clock on shiny motorcycles that move slowly around the assembly floor on tracks. "I'll let Josh Bolten ride these things," Bush said of his chief of staff, known as a motorcycle enthusiast.

Seriously??? BONO??? Good grief, Charlie Brown.


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