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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tonight I had a great jog. Glorious, really. I decided, in honor of his first CD release in five years, I would listen to Bob for my run. Funny...I turned on the iPod, and it began playing Disease of Conceit from Oh Mercy...before I even had a chance to flip to the Bob playlist. So I listened to it before switching the iPod to all Bob all the time. I actually listened to Disease of Conceit twice because it sounded so good tonight. Next song up was a live version of Summer Days. This version was over eleven minutes long (including all the clapping) because it was the final song of his Carver Hawkeye Arena concert nearly two years ago. I saw that show. It was my first live Bob. I saw it with one of the best friends I have ever had. The only person I know that loves Bob as much as me (maybe even more). It's a great memory. Anyway, I remember clapping for a long time before Bob agreed to take the stage again and play Like a Rolling Stone and All Along the Watchtower. That was a great experience. A few from that concert came up tonight, actually. Honest With Me and Love Sick to name two more. Of course despite the beautiful run, I was left a bit melancholy, missing conversations about Bob. So if you are reading this, and you are a person that loves Bob, email me. :-)

I'm thinking about making the journey to Madison in October to see him again. If I do, it will be 2 years and 2 days since the first time I saw him.

If you haven't heard his new CD yet (Modern Times) you need to. It's anything but modern. It's beautiful poetry, of course. And you should take a look and listen to this over at zoot's place.

Everytime something from the Nashville Skyline album came up I laughed out loud. His voice cracks me up on that one. It's so...uh....professional. I especially liked it when immediately following Girl From the North Country (with Johnny Cash), Mr. Tambourine Man (a LIVE version) came up! Have you heard Bob play Mr. Tambourine Man live lately?? Heh. Let's just say it's quite unlike the Nashville Skyline album. Cracked me up.

The trail that I went to was packed tonight. Surprisingly, however, I felt very isolated (and in this case, that's good). It was busy, but not congested. I saw a small, female boxer. She was beautiful, but not as beautiful as Emmie. There have been a few days of rain, I'm sure the sunny skies accounted for the busy trail.

After my jog I drove to the athletic club for yoga. Yoga is wonderful. I always feel so relaxed and tranquil, not my usual state. In the car coming home for the night, I caught a glimpse of a beautiful, orange crescent moon. Simply spectacular.

I leave you tonight with a song released as I was just begining my first year of college:

Shooting Star
Seen a shooting star tonight
And I thought of you.
You were trying to break into another world
A world I never knew.
I always kind of wondered
If you ever made it through.
Seen a shooting star tonight
And I thought of you.

Seen a shooting star tonight
And I thought of me.
If I was still the same
If I ever became what you wanted me to be
Did I miss the mark or
Over-step the line
That only you could see?
Seen a shooting star tonight
And I thought of me.

Listen to the engine, listen to the bell
As the last fire truck from hell
Goes rolling by, all good people are praying,
It's the last temptation
The last account
The last time you might hear the sermon on the mount,
The last radio is playing.

Seen a shooting star tonight
Slip Away.
Tomorrow will be another day.
Guess it's too late to say the things to you
That you needed to hear me say.
Seen a shooting star tonight
Slip away.


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