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Saturday, September 02, 2006

mountain stage

Ok, I love Mountain Stage. I just love it. I don't always get a chance to listen, but I should. Today the line up was Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Buddy Miller, Jamie Hartford, Billy Joe Shaver, and the great Emmylou Harris. I know, all very country for me, but I loved every moment of it.

Each week is very unique and interesting. This week's was actually a rebroadcast from last November.

The coolest part for me is, many weeks there are artists on that come to little ol' Iowa and perform at CSPS. How lucky are we that we have CSPS? I'm simply amazed by it actually.

Here's a Jimmie Dale Gilmore song that I liked. I like it because of the water references, but I suppose that's obvious.

Just a Wave, Not the Water
Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Thirst is not the answer, oceans come and go
I loved her seven seas worth, Lord I loved her so
But she let me down so easy, one slow drop at a time

I would've killed myself but it made no sense
Committing suicide in self defense
But I lost everything I brought her
When she said babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water

Centuries ago we were living on the gold coast
She was still in love with a long, gone, cold ghost
I was only trying to turn back the tide of her tears

I felt like an endless ocean, rolling through the fog
Full emotion drifting like a weather beaten log
I even thought that I out-thought her
Till she said babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water

I said someday we'll love again, then you'll know the score
I've taught you everything I know and maybe even more
That's true she said, more than you ever will

I've said I've been your raging river, precious African queen
I've shown you everything that I've ever seen
But she knew more than I had taught her
When she said babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water

Well I followed her far and wide with all of my will
Water on the move, you know it never stands still
And I moved every muscle, just to prove it can be done

Then up some old sad river, where snow white lilies float
I came to her for mercy, but I hardly rocked the boat
She seemed surprised that I have caught her
But she said babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water

She said babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water

"Committing suicide in self defense." Love it. "You're just a wave, you're not the water." Wow. I love that. "Did you really think one man, could hold back the ocean's tide?" Nope. Maybe just a wave, but not the water.

Emmylou Harris gave a spectacular performance of the cover Love Hurts, and a great original called Strong Hand (it's about June Carter, which makes it even better).

Mountain Stage is on every Saturday from 2-4 CT on KUNI. Give it a listen. It's obviously not just on KUNI, so check your local NPR stations for times in your area (that's for the three people outside of Iowa that read this).

I really wish I could OiNK. If you know what it means to OiNK, invite me to OiNK. You need an invite to participate, and I've lost my invitation.

How's that for code? Heh.


Blogger ccfunsis said...

yes--one man can
one woman can
you already do
the key word here is "want to"

1:08 PM  
Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

"(that's for the three people outside of Iowa that read this)."

Would you be talking about me? ;)

9:25 AM  
Blogger Orange Gearle said...

Yep, Donnie, you are one of the three. :-)

2:57 PM  
Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

Thank You sweety.

1:12 AM  
Blogger Orange Gearle said...

You are welcome. :-)

1:41 PM  

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