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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

this is good

It's been an intense couple of days!

As most of you know, (the five people that read this) yesterday I sent out emails to every state legislator and several federal congressmen. Since then I have either been on the phone, instant messenger or email...stopping only to work or volunteer. This is good.

Before I continue, I would like to say thank you to everyone that has already sent emails to congress critters! However slowly, the wheels are beginning to turn. Here are a few highlights from the last couple of days....

As previously posted, I received many emailed responses from State of Iowa congressmen and women yesterday. Today was no different. I think I have 70 emails in my inbox right now, and probably 50 of them are Matt-related! So I've been responding to them, one by one. This is good.

Tonight Hollyanne and I volunteered for the Democratic Party for a few hours. While I was there, a State Representative and his family walked in to check the place out. After meeting him and speaking with him for a bit I asked him when he last checked his email. LOL :-) He said "This morning". At the same time I was asking him why he hasn't emailed me back, he asked if I had sent him an email. So, I explained some of Matt's story. He was appalled, of course. He said, "You should be talking to my wife, she works for....." you guessed it....Sen. Harkin!!!! I turned to her and she said, "What's his name?" I told her, and come to find out, she is the person that Matt's mother spoke with on the phone, Friday! She has been out of town the last couple of days, so she isn't exactly sure where we stand with Harkin. However, she is back in the office tomorrow. This is good.

I received a phone call upon returning home. When the area code is 515, I jump! It was the Director of Veteran's Affairs for the State of Iowa. One of the senators that I emailed yesterday had forwarded the letter to Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, as well as the Director of Veteran's Affairs. He was following up. The Director asked a lot of questions, and was also amazed with the story. He took down Matt's parent's phone number and called them directly after we completed our conversation. I instant messaged with both Matt and his mother this evening. She expects a call back from the Director in a couple of days. This is good.


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