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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Marine "waiting around for chow" Part Trois

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I should not have to write part three. I just shouldn’t have to write this…

May 19th I wrote the first part of this saga. Kossacks responded in droves. The diary was about my cousin’s son, a Marine, who was badly injured in Afghanistan, August of 2005. The diary goes on to explain the complete hell this kid’s been through since then, and the treatment and/or lack of treatment that he’s received, physically, mentally, and spiritually, since then. He belongs home.

Fast forward to this past Monday, June 12. I wrote part deux. In this diary I shared that Matt will no longer be ‘waiting around for chow’, he is coming home.

Or not….now part three….
(sorry, Mom, f-bombs ahead)

Late this afternoon I opened up iChat to see if Matt was online. I hadn’t communicated with him since Monday and I was looking forward to a happy update. Here is the beginning of our conversation (typos and all):

I went on to tell him that I was going to do all I could…call in the troops…whatever it takes to get him home the minute he gets out of the “separation class” that he has next week.

I told him:

(He always signs off “peace”.)

Right now, Kossacks, you are the troops of which I was speaking. What do I do?? What do we do??

His CO and unit are all in California training for Iraq…for a month. This means he's without his buddies, AND he'll have to wait a month for his CO to return. I did confirm that his mother went to Senator Harkin's office and spoke with “the ladies” there. (Not sure exactly who, his mother just said, “The ladies”) Matt had to email something to Harkin’s office basically saying that they had his permission to act. Now what?

He has been 'wainting around for chow' for seven months. Seven months! We need to get him home! If you haven't yet read part one, please do. It will help you realize the urgency of my request. By saying...
well u can do more bitchin than me cuz im still in and i cant chew out higher ranks then me

I know he wants help. That's the closest he's gotten to asking for it. He's a Marine, you know. :-)


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