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Sunday, June 11, 2006

hip to be square

Meet the nerds.

Hollyanne's performance group had their first "real" performance today at a local festival. Last year when we attended this same festival it was very humid with temperatures in the 90's. Today it was overcast, threatening rain, and only in the 50's. Good grief, Charlie Brown! Only in this state, I swear! Anyway, her troupe is made up of about 150 kids ranging from Kindergarten through High School. There are three show choirs and four dance teams. Hollyanne is the top show choir and dance team.

The part of the program that I am going to highlight tonight is a medley in which the youngest and the oldest groups participate. First enter the nerds -- and yes, they are wearing nerd glasses. They sing and dance to a portion of Hip to be Square (a 1986 Huey Lewis and The News hit). The nerds then part the waters so the little hoods can do their thing. Very cute. They sing a snippet of Born to be Wild (from the 1968 Steppenwolf self titled album).

Finally, the two groups share the stage. The nerds want to get in on all the action and decide they want to be 'born to be wild', too. They sing with the hoods, but, ultimately, square wins out. The nerds give the hoods a matching pair of geeky glasses and they ride off in the sunset together, on the Harleys, of course. (Some of that is left up to the imagination.) The little guy with my daughter in this picture is the star of the show -- whenever he's on stage, be it dancing or singing, he makes everyone smile. He is having a good time, and it's quite contagious.


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