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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

mom and dad

I love my mom because she emails me with questions about computer issues (or whatever), and then figures it out before I can respond, sometimes. I love her impatience.

My dad gives the waitress shit and thinks it’s funny even when she might not. I love my dad because he takes up a collection with his buddies and gets the waitress a $50 savings bond when she has a baby.

I love my mom because she has ‘happy feet.’

I love my dad because when he helps fix things (in this case, replacing the dead bird infested ducting from the dryer to the outside) and always teaches you how to do it, patiently. Most important, he lets you do it yourself.

I love my mom because she always has a bag full of something for us when she sees us (today it was two articles from the newspaper and some smelly stuff to try to cover up the dead bird smell).

I love my dad because he has good advice about a lot of non-political things. ☺

I love my mom because she is always the first person in the world to help anyone in the world.

I love my dad because he tells me stories that a daughter does not want to hear her 71-year-old dad tell. (eeewwww)

I love my mom because she loves my dad even when she forgets she does.

I love my dad because he loves my mom even when he forgets he does.

Happy 51st Anniversary (+ 2 days) Mom and Dad.


Blogger 100YearPlan said...

Wow - you managed to get me all teary here. I found this at Zoot's place. I hope Mom and Dad have read it.

10:15 AM  

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