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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

bird update

Ok, they didn't make it. When I went to my basement this morning, opened up the door to the laundry room, sniffed....gross. The birds did not survive past a few weeks. My entire house now smells like dead birds. Great. I looked up at heaven and asked, "So, when is it my turn??" :-) But, I suppose I feel worse for the birds.

Anyway, when I got home today I took the ducting outside, thinking I might be able to salvage it. No luck there. It all smelled and was just full of nesting material, etc. There were two babies that looked to be around 2 weeks old, and one bright blue egg (proving my robin prediction). It almost looked like they had outgrown the area. I don't know enough about them, I'm sure, but it really seemed like maybe what killed them was the fact that they had no room. I can't imagine that their mother would be able to get in there and feed them. The ducting was stuffed. Anyway, what a horrible, depressing ending. Have I mentioned that endings aren't my favorite thing about 2006?? :-)

So, I called Mom and Dad and they came to my aide. I was pretty certain I would be able to do it myself, but I was hoping for a bit of moral support from my mom and procedural advice from my dad. They delivered both. I love my parents.

I measured, and then Mom and I went to Menards to 'save big money'. Dad and I tore the ducting on our first attempt. Mom went and got more. Dad and I "practiced" with the torn one while Mom was gone. Dad's suggestion....saying with a smile, "I don't think your mom will want to go get another one." :-) (We both knew she would've though). Anyway, by the time Mom got back, we had perfected the task and it was a piece of cake. Now about that smell...

Actually, I think we have that taken care of now, too. My favorite part was when my parents were in the car ready to leave. I came out to say goodbye, carrying the torn ducting....I used it as arms and sang, "If I only had a heart." They laughed, I'm a dork, I have no dead birds in my house.

Just a typical night at my house.

But now I'm going to sit outside and enjoy the night on my porch.


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