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Thursday, June 01, 2006

random (but certainly not deep) thoughts

last day of school

Today was the last day of school for the kids. I am no longer a kindergarten teacher. Check out the picture above. The top part is a picture of Kirstin and me. Kirstin is wearing a santa hat and I am donning a snowflake crown because this was taken at our Winter Party (can't call it 'Christmas Party', because of the commi-pinko War on Christmas...errr something). The drawing is the best part. Kirstin has drawn a picture of the two of us. We have speech bubbles coming out of our mouths. I am saying, "Kirstin!" and she is saying, "Ms. Howe!".....I was informed that we are seeing each other from across the room, running toward each other (I'm picturing in it in slow motion, but that's just my addition to the story, not Kirstin's take on it). The best part - look closely. I have brown hair, Kirstin has yellow. Who is taller??? :-)


I have birds nesting in my house. Really! A while back I thought I heard a bird in my dryer vent. I ran the dryer anyway, thinking it would just go away. Well, a few days later I noticed that the tubing from the outside to my dryer had come loose from the dryer. So I got back there to check it out and realized it was FULL of lint. Fire hazard fo' shizzle. As I was cleaning it out, I heard the bird some more. But not just one, I heard little peeps, too. There is actually a nest. Tonight I went out to check it out from the outside. What I think was a robin, flew out of the vent. I stuck my digital camera in the vent but I couldn't get a decent picture, it was too far down. However, you can see some evidence of a nest if you look closely. So, now what?? I'm afraid to leave the dryer unhooked. I don't mind the heat/humidity that it causes, but I am afraid it will cause some sort of CO2 poisoning or something. I know nothing about it. I supposed I could look it up, but I feel too lazy for that. But if I hook the dryer up, I might hurt the babies! Any ideas?

dixie chicks, revisited

I figured it out. One of the reasons I like Bitter End is because Gary Louris of The Jayhawks co-wrote it with the ladies.


Happy birthday John. Happy birthday Grandpa Jim.


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