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Friday, June 09, 2006

summer school

.....a couple of highlights.....

One of the kids asked about my son (which I don’t have, of course). I told them that I have a daughter, and showed them a picture of my mom, my daughter and me sitting together. One of the kids said, “Your sister is hot!” Yes, he said 'sister', even though I clearly stated that it was my daughter. No wonder they are in summer school :-) But the best part....I corrected him by saying, "She's my daughter not my sister." His response, "Whatever, she's hot"!

The kids were singing “Who Let the Dogs Out” as they were cutting out some 10 frames for a math game. I was sick of the song (before they began), and suggested they sing something else. One little boy (just finishing second grade) says, “How about KoRn?” and then immediately starts singing – quite accurately, I might add, “Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies.” from the song Shoots and Ladders. No one else knew it, of course. Then he made a few other suggestions, such as Slipknot…but the true uniter of the peeps, Green Day, won the popular vote. So they all sang “When September Ends” in its entirety. It was cute.

Second graders are so much easier than K and 1st graders! Maybe I should just say “different” – they are much more independent. I teach remedial math and reading in summer school, so typically the students that I have are…well...very needy academically and behaviorally. But my goodness, these kids are great!! I must add here that one little guy, particularly needy in BOTH areas, has completely won my heart (even though he had to be restrained the second day). His smile is amazing, AMAZING, I tell you!!


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