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Monday, June 12, 2006

A Marine “waiting around for chow” Part Deux: The Update

(crossposted at Daily Kos)

My first Daily Kos diary, the diary that brought me out of mostly lurker status, was called A Marine "waiting around for chow". Up until writing it, I had posted a comment, maybe two, over the course of almost two years, but never a diary. I was so angry with the Marines and this flipping war and what was happening to my cousin’s son, I could no longer remain silent. I had to get it off my chest. I must say that I was overwhelmed by the response to the diary and the many offers to help my cousin and his family. Thank you all. So many people read the dairy, commented, recommended, and even emailed others to help, I feel obligated to let everyone know how the story ends…

When I wrote the diary on May 19, Matt the Marine was sitting, doing nothing, while “waiting around for chow”. Since then he purchased a laptop so that he could keep in touch a little better while waiting for his papers. To the best of my understanding – the papers need to go from Pearl Harbor to DC (get stamped) and then back to Pearl Harbor. Once the papers get back to Pearl Harbor he can come home on “waiting for discharge leave” (I’m sure that’s not exactly what it’s called but you get the idea) -- which is way better than “waiting around for chow’!

There have been a couple of things that have continued to piss me off about this whole thing. For example, the Marines were asking for his “slappy plates” or $800 to replace them. (Apparently, “slappy plates” go in the flak jacket to protect soldiers from bullets). Well, he was shot twice, put in a helicopter, and almost died. Who in the hell knows where his “slappy plates” ended up??? As it turns out, he isn’t going to have to pay for them. I’m not exactly clear how he got out of it, but he did. Good grief, Charlie Brown! Are you kidding me??? Anyway….

Here we go….. I just finished speaking with him via instant messaging.
in the past 24 days, the papers not only made it to DC and back to Pearl Harbor, as of today, Matt has possession of them!

Furthermore, he is getting 60% disability. I have no idea how good that is (or not). I’m just thankful that he is coming home. In fact, he may be home as soon as one month after my first diary was posted. He has to take a ‘separation class’ and then he comes home.

His family was so very thankful for all of the suggestions that you Kossacks provided as well as the moral support. Matt read the diary and your comments. He told my daughter, “I can’t believe your mom said the f-word!” So, of course, now I try to use it as much as possible when I speak with him. ☺

In Part One of this story, I ended by saying…

"The Marines take care of their own" is a fallacy. The fucking Marines can kiss my ass.

There were many Marines, and members and former members of other branches of the service that provided a wealth of knowledge and support to us that day. In a sense, you proved me wrong. There were many Marines doing their best to ‘take care of one of their own’.

Once again, thank you….for listening and responding.


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