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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

do you know any?

My nephew sent me the YouTube video that I have embedded below. You should probably watch it...maybe...but as I was watching it I got angry. Very angry actually. It's interesting. It was pretty well done. Watch it, then I will tell you why I am angry....

You might think that my anger would be focused on "the people" that this "movie" wants me to be mad at -- these people that are not "supporting the troops" or "hate" them or whatever.

But that's not it.

You might think that my anger would be about showing photographs of all of these grieving families ....or showing a dead soldier in an open casket.

But that's not it either.

You might think that it would be because this video only shows caucasian men and women (with a few exceptions).

Not it.

Putting a face on war? Nope, I actually don't mind that part.

I know nothing about the person that created this video. Maybe this was some form of healing for her or something. I'm all for that. It's creative...and it may have been therapeutic for her. No problem there.

When I first started watching it....I was thinking that it might be something about continuing to show support for the troops, even though life has gone on back here...they are still there...putting their lives on the in less than stellar conditions....we need to remind them that we are thinking about them, that we love them, that we support them, etc. Maybe some sort of a reminder to send them mail, care packages, etc. Once again, I'm all for that.

But then I got angry. And not even at Bush. :-)

I'm angry because it's really propaganda...Right wing, Bush supporting, oil-mongering, SUV driving, wire-tapping, prisoner torturing, (etc) propaganda. Who in the hell doesn't support our troops? "Some people hate me." it says. Who in the hell hates our troops, as this video claims?????

Is it the demonstrators?

There are many people out there participating in demonstrations that promote peace. They do not hate the troops. They love peace.

There are many people out there that participate in anti-war demonstrations. They do not hate the troops. They hate this war (and probably Bush).

There are many more people out there that do nothing. They don't hate the troops. They are just living their lives.

The majority of people in this country think we should no longer be in Iraq. Some have known that all along...and others have seen the light as this civil war continues to escalate and more and more soldiers are maimed and killed....or just forever scarred emotionally and/or physically. They don't hate the troops. They love the troops and want them home.

There is a very, very small religious group of people that are protesting at various funerals around the country -- soldier's funerals.
They are nuts.
They might hate the troops. In fact, they probably hate the troops. But I bet they don't watch YouTube videos.

Are these the people at which this video is aimed? I have no idea the actual number, but I can't imagine that there is more than a fraction of one percent of people in the United States of America that fall into that category. Yes, even one person is too many....but don't imply...or say outright...that there are all these people that hate the troops. Americans learned a lot from Vietnam (excluding the Bush administration, apparently). Where are the people that is video is meant for?

Maybe I'm naive. Maybe there are more of them out there than I think...but I really find that hard to you know ANY??

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Anonymous Jldmeyer said...

Who is this video for? It is for people who believe liberals hate our country and our armed service members. It is for people who pass this on to their friends and pat their backs because they love America more than those Democrats do. These video links and photo spam forwarded on to multitudes of people (send this to 10 people...) in order to perpetuate the ideas that you hate our soldiers unless you have a little yellow ribbon magnet on the back of your car. This is a propaganda film on YouTube. It doesn't sway opinions and isn't meant to (unless you are wishy-washy and believe Fox News is fair and balanced). I don't hear ANYONE badmouthing the troops. That video showed some of the most brave individual that our country could provide. Unless of course they are a democrat and decide to run for office later in life.

12:40 PM  

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