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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

chalk the walk

Mt. Vernon, Iowa is a quaint little town in Eastern Iowa. It's actually beautiful...hills, old houses that look like they are smiling, and little shops just waiting to be entered and enjoyed. It is home to Rep. Ro Foege (Iowa House) and Rep. Dave Loebsack (US House). It is also home to my friend Wendy.

Mt. Vernon has a special place in my heart because both my brother Mark, and before him my sister, Holly, attended a small Methodist college located there, Cornell College. I have memories of riding in the car to pick them up or drop them off on the weekends. I also remember going in the dorm once, I believe it was to pick up my brother. The place had these giant stairs...and there were clothes and sleeping (probably drunk or hungover) people all over the stairs.

This past weekend was the second annual Chalk the Walk, in Mt. Vernon. My artist friends Wendy and Kirsten chalked there again this year. They did a parody on Van Gogh's's his....

Here's a few of them creating their parody called Van Gogh's Girlfriend's Bedroom...

Here are a few more pics of the festivities....

For even more pics, I would suggest visiting Wendy and Kirsten's blogs. (linked above) :-)

I was lucky enough to attend this event with a wonderful man that I met recently. Hi S! ;-)

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Blogger Kirsten W. said...

Thanks for the great photos - and the links - and thanks for coming to see us on Saturday!

11:13 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

I love the pictures- thanks for posting!!!! DOna ROCKS!!!

7:48 PM  

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