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Sunday, April 01, 2007

girls night out

I'll admit that I wasn't real thrilled to go on this girls night out. Pretty much everything that we were doing sounded not so fun to me. But I have great friends, and I wanted to be with them, so I went. As usual, I am glad I did.

Amy's husband had the girls (with a neighbor girl to boot). Liz's husband had Brody. Julia was with the sitter. I'm not certain of Kari's husband's plans. Helen and I, the singles, are always ready to go (Hollyanne was with her boyfriend of course). The hail didn't deter us. We wouldn't hear of it. The six of us met at North Country Steak House. Obviously I didn't pick the restaurant -- sounds like a great place for a vegetarian to go, doesn't it? Never mind, I was able to find something -- salad and potato bar.

We enjoyed talking about families, work and our personal lives. Helen and I shared online dating mishaps with the four married women. We laughed a lot. When it came time to order Amy was her usual high maintenance ordering self. She's orders a little like Meg Ryan's character in When Harry Met Sally (but it's very cute, and always a highlight of the evening).

Amy, Helen and Jill picked out their meat. After seeing the choices, and the prices, Jill decided against the whole thing and had the salad and potato bar with me. :-)

Helen and Amy get their hands on the meat.

Team of Texas Toast Masters

Kari and Liz didn't grill their own meat. They watched.

After supper we drove across town to the bowling alley. Yes, I said bowling alley. Not my cup of tea really, but that's what the girls wanted to do. I found it fitting, however, that when we were getting our shoes, the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun was playing.

When we got there I located this sign right away (Amy and I "Vanna it" for you below). Why are balls ALWAYS funny???

I am unable to go to a bowling alley without thinking of The Big Lebowski -- one of the funniest movies ever. So I spent much of the evening being very annoying and quoting lines from the"It really tied the room together." or "Shut the f$&k up, Donnie, you're outta your element." or..."Dieter doesn't care about anything. He's a nahilist." or " use the parlance of the times..." favorite...."Nobody f^&ks with The Jesus"

It was difficult for me to not begin singing Hotel California in Espanol (seriously, you need to click that link). One of the reasons that I appreciate the humor of The Big Lebowski is because of it's huge vocabulary range....take a listen....

Did you know that the f word or a derivative if it is used 251 times in this movie? Ok, enough Lebowski. However, I think I might have to watch it tonight, now. :-)

We had cool shoes....and they had the lights going. I had an orange ball, of course. And orange shoes. :-)

After bowling, we did laser tag. Yes, I said laser tag. Once again...not something a pacifist/anti-gun/hippie-wanna-be chooses...but it was ok. I don't have any pics of it though. The best could tell we were teachers. First of all, none of us were quiet. We would've all been killed instantly if it were real. The whole night (bowling and during laser tag) we were telling each other what a good job we were doing -- even the other team. The only thing we didn't do is give out stickers.

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