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Friday, March 30, 2007

the presidential solution

As usual, I have all the answers...and they were found in a children's book.

Today my students heard a book called The Empty Pot by Demi. It solves our presidential dilemma.

Ping, the main character, is a bit of a green thumb. He can make anything grow. And he's in luck....the emperor is trying to choose his successor. You see, the emperor has no heir, so someone from the village must be chosen. So he gives everyone seeds, and the person that can grow the best plant/flowers, gets to become the next emperor!! Surely it will be Ping.

Well, everyone is successful, except the resident master gardener, Ping. Full of fear and disappointment, he takes his empty pot to the emperor on the big decision day. The emperor is upset with all the flowers and beautiful plants, because he had given COOKED beans to everyone...none of the plants/flowers should have grown. So Ping, the only one with an ounce of integrity is then given his due....and he becomes the next emperor.

See? Now if only I could convince the rest of the world that's what we need.

Where was Demi in 2000???

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