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Sunday, January 14, 2007

snow anyone

We're fixin' to get snowed in. Here it is January 14, and we haven't had a lick of snow! Tonight, as our first snowstorm of the season is upon us, Tiernan decided to drive into town before it got bad and is spending the night. If we get very much, I'll surely take pictures and share.

While watching a marathon of Monk on USA, Hollyanne and I scrapbooked for a couple of hours and Tiernan did her homework. Of course, Hollyanne got a few pages done, and I was my extremely anal-retentive self and pretty much only got a title put on a page!!! I did finish a page (I think - I still might find something to put in the upper right corner)! As you can see we are working on our trip to Colorado. This page is the first page in my book. I have several others completed...but Hollyanne is almost finished!!

Apparently this is what teens of this generation do?? I sneaked this picture of the girls while I was cooking supper:

Look closely...Hollyanne has the house phone on her ear (no doubt talking to her boyfriend) and at the same time she is messing around with her cell phone (pink of course). Tiernan also has her cell phone out. At least they aren't talking to each other on the phones while sitting next to each other!


Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

No snow down this way, but these big dark skeeters come from out of nowhere. Those suckers are vicious! A cold spell came in this morn, so maybe it will kill off some of them.

10:46 AM  

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