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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

the mill

I want to tell the sound guy at The Mill that I like the way he flips his hair. But I won't. It's fun to watch him set up the mics and stuff. He's very meticulous about it. The cables must be just so, winding perfectly around the mic stands. I wonder if he counts how many times it goes around...he seems to pay that close of attention. You can tell he's done it a million times as he navigates across the stage from one mic to the next.

His hair is all one length, about to his chin. It has precisely enough body in it to make it interesting. Occasionally he puts it behind his ears; it's just long enough to do that comfortably. While he's working, he most frequently flings it over to one side with one hand and a movement of his head. It seems quicker this way. When he does that, it stays out of his face just long enough to see the bit of hair on his chin and above his lip...there's not much, but just enough to make him interesting. He also has a great smile. He only shows his smile briefly. I wonder if he is shy.

He always wears black. Frequently dresses in layers. Tonight the bottom layer is a really dark green. I notice because he gets hot while working on the initial sound set up and takes off the top layer.

Sometimes he snaps his fingers in front of the mic...I'm not sure why, I wonder if it just to see if it's live...or if he can actually tell if the volume is correct by doing this. He's very tall and thin. He lumbers from the sound booth to the stage, makes a few adjustments and goes back. He nearly wears a path in the carpet; he walks that same path so many times. He usually jumps onto the stage with a bit of enthusiasm in his step. Sometimes he claps his hands in front of the mic instead of snapping...and then when he's almost ready...he says..."Check one. Check, one, two." He has a nice voice.

I wonder what his name is. I think it's Sam.


Anonymous ronazon said...

Hey, this sound guy sounds HOT! You should ask him if he knows how to tune your G string :-)

6:37 PM  

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