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Thursday, April 12, 2007

phat daddy's

It's Thursday. Phat Daddy's again. It's to the point now that I live for these days. It's just so much fun, and there are so many great people. Thursdays are even better than jeans days at work....and that's saying a lot. :-)

I am anxious for summer to arrive. I really like the drive to's's so Iowa...and it will be even better as the seasons progress. I may have to stop next week and take a couple of pictures of the scenery. The last two weeks I have been watching goslings grow. If they aren't too big, and if I can get close enough...I will stop and snap a picture or two on my way next week.

I think it would be nice to find someone to work up a few songs with. Tonight, Jim and I played "Hold On" (Tom Waits). I also like this version (Redbird). Anyway I've always wanted to play guitar with someone...and sing. I'm not good at that picking'n'shit...lead guitar I am not...however, it would be fun to have someone noodle around while I play behind them....and sing together. I should suggest it to Jim, but I won't. LOL I'm such a dork....and a chicken. I decided tonight that I really like his teeth...they make him cuter...and therefore it's more difficult to look him in the eye and talk to him. :-) Chicken.

Tonight was fun. There was a little boy there....just 2 or 3 years old....and he was totally enjoying himself. I asked him if he wanted to strum my guitar, but he was too shy. Then right before he left, he gave in and tried it. He also did a little dancing...and waved at me on his way out. Very cute. The only thing I like more than music, I think, is those little cutie pies.

Donna brought me the article that Jim wrote...if you recall I had lost it in route from Marengo to home a couple weeks ago. As expected, Jim nailed it. And....I laughed out loud a few times as I read it...which is always good. I knew I liked him. Here's a couple quotes I like in particular.....(emphasis mine)

"Except for the steel guitar, there were no amps or microphones. It was a pre-electric sound. You didn't play louder than the person sitting next to you. Otherwise the hoe-down hootenanny could turn in to a riot, or an acoustic punk rock concert."


"I followed the rules and kept quiet. When I wasn't sure of the chords, I played really quiet. When I knew the chords, I played really quiet."

My friend Doug from Washington and his daughter Becca stopped by too. I may have Doug talked into bringing his banjo next week. I hope. :-)

Here are a few pics from this evening.

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