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Saturday, April 14, 2007

lucy kaplansky

Last week we had a snow storm. My grass needs mowed...and we had a snow storm. It was 80 degrees a week or two prior to this, and yet....we had a snow storm. I wish I had taken a picture when the storm was complete...but here's what it looked like when I woke up Wednesday morning....

I like the (long) green grass with snow on it - very Iowa.

It snowed a few more inches as the day went on Wednesday. I missed The Mill on Wednesday night as a result. I probably could've gone, but with my car a bit under the weather, I thought it best that I let it rest up for the drive to Marengo the next day.

This is what's left of the snow this morning....


Last night my mom and I went to Lucy Kaplansky at CSPS. She was wonderful, of course. My mom was a virgin Lucy Kaplansky concert goer -- I've seen her three times now. It's just her and her guitar, exactly the way I like it. She plays a Martin.

One of the things that I like about seeing Lucy in concert is watching her facial expressions and body language. When she is singing she often looks up...and for some reason it looks like she is making up the song right there on the she is talking to you. She doesn't wear much make-up, but always red lipstick -- and she is beautiful.

Mom turned to me when Lucy played this song, big grin on her face, and said, "You have to learn that one." So she bought me the CD. Last night I got home and listened to it and was sorely disappointed. It's OK, in fact, some of it is great. But something happens when record producers get a hold of music. The link that I provided above will give you the "souped up" version of the song. I enjoy it much more in it's pure form. The thing is, I've usually had good luck with "Red House Records".....but maybe even they have gone a bit too commercial. They turned Mom's song into some sort of cookie cutter country music thing. I hate that. The thing is, the lyrics, melody, harmonies are all good...but the package version on the CD, not so hot, IMHO. But I will learn it for Mom and never listen to that song on the CD again. :-) The lyrics of the song are a bit too 'needy-stalker' for me......but, I'll learn it for mom.

"I'm just a bit maniacal about you
And derailed when I'm without you."
"If you could love me just a little it'd be okay
'cause I couldn't leave you anyway"
"If you turn away, I'll just turn you back around"

Can you say needy-stalker??? I mean seriously....why would you settle for "if you could love me just a little, it'd be okay"???? Maybe that's why I'm 36 and never been married???? :-) I won't settle for less than being loved, and loving, completely. But I dig these lyrics....

"It doesn't matter what you say
I just like the way you sound."
"Don't blame me
It's just your burning gravity
That brings me to my knees
In front of you"

Both of those phrases would be great in a different song ....mixed with the rest of the tends to add to the needy-stalkeresqueness of it. (I think I may copyright that word, needy-stalkeresqueness) here's another song I'm going to learn....Broken Things.....the CD version is much better than Don't Mind Me.....much more pure. I think you'll enjoy it. (who am I talking to anyway? no one really reads this) LOL. I think it's supposed to be about God, but for me it's about the "somebody" out there that I end up with. This one was actually written by Julie Miller, not Lucy. But I like it.

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Anonymous Scott said...

(I think you'll enjoy it. (who am I talking to anyway? no one really reads this)

I will from now on. Nice way to get to know you :-)

2:26 PM  

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