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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

texas' redistricting plan

This makes me feel sick to my stomach. (emphasis mine)

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld most of a controversial plan that drew new lines for Texas congressional districts, saying there was nothing about it that violated the Constitution, even though Texas Republicans did it unusually in mid-decade and in ways that gave their party a massive electoral advantage.

The 7-2 decision cleared the way for states to redraw political maps just about anytime they want. It also failed, as the court has for years, to define the legal limits of political gerrymandering, or the drawing of district lines for partisan ends.

I know that I should go on to comment on this....throw in some humor or disgust...maybe make a point or two...comment about DeLay....bash the neocons, theocons, repub thugs...but I can't. Seriously, this makes me feel sick to my stomach.

We need a regime change.


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