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Saturday, June 24, 2006

-2 the matt update

Ok, this is going to be very short. Today I learned that Harkin's office has officially been in contact with The Marines (which I already knew, but didn't hear officially until today). I also learned that The Marines have responded to Harkin's office. Here's the depressing part: The Marines responded by saying that they were going to "investigate" and get back to Harkin's office in one and a half to two weeks. So, my best guess is (based on our experience with The Marines thus far) it will be at least two weeks until we hear anything at all. This rules out Matt being home before the 4th of July.

The worst part: Matt is pretty down about the whole thing. He's buddies are in training (in California) and his "separation class" is over. So he's alone. He has even said that he needs to get home because it's a "health issue." And he is right. His mental and physical health deteriorates with each day that he spends there. As of two days ago, he really could've been home (the class was over). So everything is complete except for one signature.

The "-2" in the title of this diary indicates the amount of days The Marines are officially in the hole regarding Matt. Really, he's been waiting much longer....but now that everything is completely in order........they are completely in the red.


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