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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

matt update

I assume if you are reading this you are aware of the saga that my cousin's son, Matt has been through. Mostly recently, this is what he has needed to get home (in chronological order):

1. "Missing Gear Statement" signed
2. A letter saying it is ok that he doesn't have his gear
3. That letter then given to the cif, who would give the final signature regarding the missing gear.

My last post stated that I might have some good news today…

Yesterday Matt spoke with a Staff Sergeant and told him a lot of what he's been through. The SSergeant sent an email to the Regiment CO. They were hoping that the Regiment CO would say that that he could sign the paper work. The SSergeant got the ok this afternoon, and signed off on the "Missing Gear Statement" along with a Captain. But remember, we are dealing with the Marines and every time we turn around there is another problem. Today was no different. This afternoon, I chatted with Matt....

Matt went on to explain that the Staff Sergeant was very pissed off at the cif for not signing off on the gear. I'm glad. Someone needs to get pissed (besides his family). The Regiment CO has been very busy this week because a General is in town. However, The Staff Sergeant had a meeting with both the Regiment CO and the General today. He said he would take the paper work to them and see what they could do (it's about time Matt had an advocate down there)!

I’m writing to say…..the Staff Sergeant was successful.

I spoke with Matt this evening. Everything is signed! Now he has to wait for "processing" which could put him home before the Fourth of July. I hesitate to write any of this because I do not want to create a situation where I have to write another update saying "Ok, so we thought he was coming home, but now......." However, this news was just too exciting to keep to myself.

He isn't home yet....therefore....


Blogger 100YearPlan said...

Outstanding. Thanks for keepng us updated.

BTW, yur gittin' purty fancy with that tech stuff.

11:37 AM  

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