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Thursday, September 28, 2006

my kinda drug

Truly, truly I say to you, I do not purposefully invite drama into my life. Honest. But of course, once again, this week has been amazingly full of it. Who else do you know that has dealings with the police department and the department of human services on unrelated subjects within a 48 hour time period??? (Neither of which were directly related to my work or home, of which I am thankful) Are you kidding me?? Good grief, Charlie Brown. Anyway, I haven’t been sleeping well for both personal and professional reasons. There are students in my class that I have growing concerns about and money is not my friend. But as Stacey Earle says, “I’ve got what I need, and maybe a little more,” so I can’t complain. And after tonight I really can’t complain about much of anything at all.

Have I mentioned lately how lucky Eastern Iowans are to have CSPS?? I’m baffled at the amount of pure talent that I have had the fortune to experience there.

Tonight was no exception, despite the fact that the Cedar Rapids’ air smelled like cat’s ass this evening (really, I’m not kidding, it did).

Eric Bibb. I’ve been awake since 4 a.m. but I cannot go to sleep without first writing about him.

People wonder why I spend all my money (that I don’t have) going to concerts. People, I’m telling you, live music is the best drug I will ever take. If that’s the way I self medicate, please do not condemn me for taking back pop cans to got to concerts if I have to. I know I should save my money, but my thoughts are: I’ll never have enough to float above water anyway and I can’t take it with me when I go. I know, not very…uhh…responsible, but I gotta love something, right?

Each time I leave CSPS I think to my self, “Self, why did you think it was important to sit in the front row, you now have a literal pain in the neck.” But guess, what? I did it again. I arrived early enough (about an hour early) to get seats in the front row, center. There were no tables tonight; Eric Bibb would surely play for a full house. My good friends Helen, Kirsten and Wendy arrived soon enough to tell kid stories we each witnessed this week.

Rachael Davis opened the show. She was so cute! Her hair was in pigtails; showing off the tattoo behind her ear (it was oval-like – the shape of a flattened coin – you know, the ones that you get at fairs or other souvenir shops?), and it was the logo of a music festival at which Rachael played. Wendy and I asked her after her performance. She played a beautiful guitar (I have no idea what “brand”), a banjo, and a ukulele. She also sang a couple of songs a capella. She had a sweet voice, and seriously, she is very cute, with dimples. I loved her striped pants and her giant FORD belt buckle. Wendy has seen Rachel before and was very excited to see her again. Wendy also said that she is going to purchase a uke and learn how to play. Her husband plays the accordion, I’m sure they will play beautiful music together. ☺

But Eric…back to Eric.

He leapt to the stage wearing a bright purple -- almost pink -- sweater and, of course, that type of hat that all blues guitarist must wear. It must be some sort of prerequisite or something; some sort of rite of passage for masters of this genre. Anyway, the sweater and hat were great. And I’m telling you, he is so NOT ugly. ☺ He played the happiest blues I’ve ever heard. Many of his songs were about love (and not necessarily love lost, which is a bit refreshing). He also sang about his heroes. There was a song that he did in particular that was very specifically about heroes. I wish I had that one to share with you, but I couldn’t figure out the code of the set list (that I stole) until I got home, so I didn’t know the title until now. Therefore, I didn’t purchase a CD that included it. In fact, I’m still not certain it’s the right title but is something like Still Livin’. It named several of his heroes or inspirations in the music world. I enjoyed that one. I couldn’t find it at the iTunes store either, maybe it’s new. He also sang a song called Connected. It was awesome, and also about heroes. The CD that I bought is called A Ship Called Love.

Eric told this great story about when he got to sing his song about B. B. King on live TV, for B. B. King! The song is called Tell Riley. Very nice. I had my camera with me, of course. Did you know that my camera takes video, too? I happened to turn it on at just the right moment to catch the end of that story, and the full song. I apologize for the last little bit of the video…for some reason it’s out of sync. It may have had something to do with the fact that my battery was very low. Also, I was trying to record it on the down low, so it’s not exactly centered. ☺ However, it is much better quality than the last video I took.

This song (Saucer n' Cup) made me cry. Seriously, it was a bit embarrassing, but a great reason to sit in the front row -- no one behind you can tell! I loved this part of the song…

She’s like the sunshine
After weeks of rain
Her love and disposition
Is sweet as sugar cane
Ever since we met
Everything is new
We go together
Like the grass and the morning dew

She’s all I ever wanted
In a woman and a pal
It’s nothing less than destiny
She was born to be my gal
Ever since we met
Everything is grand
You know you’re looking
At a satisfied man

Imagine finding the person that is your lover and your best friend, your destiny, the grass to your dew. Well, if you believe in all that stiff. ☺ (Ok, everyone, brush away that “you had me at hello” tear – sappy, I know).

Take a listen to Shingle by Shingle. (part of it quoted below)

Shingle by shingle
I’m patchin’ up the roof
Row by row
I’m bringin’ in the crop
Love makes a change
I’m livin’ the proof
New water’s in the well
And I’m grateful
Every drop

Eric Bibb. If he’s ever in your area, you must see him.

CSPS has a couple of art exhibits that are amazing right now. Both Iowa artists, actually. Well, I take that back. Both received their MFA from the University of Iowa. David Van Allen is a Cedar Rapids Artist, and Amy Cropper resides in Wisconsin. It’s interesting, I’ve been to four shows in September at CSPS, and each time I’ve been there, I’ve had a different art experience. I think that’s why I like art. Each time I’ve been I’ve really enjoyed David Van Allen’s photographs. You can check the style out by clicking on his name above. Anyway, the first time that I was there this fall there were random paintings littering the main stage area. It was rather strange; very unlike CSPS. They were on the floor and benches and certainly not adequately displayed – they looked stored. I'm pretty certain that they are for the big fundraiser coming up, called Off the Wall. So they were just there temporarily. However, that first visit of the season, I enjoyed them more than I enjoyed the displayed art. ☺ In fact, I didn’t like Amy Cropper’s stuff much at all. They are all some “bird” theme, and not really my taste, I suppose….or so I thought. Now, I'm kinda digging this ink/oil slick (whatever that is) stuff. So, each subsequent visit (including the times that I’ve stopped in to purchase tickets in advance) I have not be able to take my eyes off one of her pieces. It’s called One is For Sorrow. At least I think that's the title. Perhaps I am thinking of this poem, or maybe this piece is inspired by the poem? Regardless, I want to buy it. I visit it often and imagine it in my home. I try to imagine where I would put it. Next time I go, I will try to sneak a picture of it and post it here. I’m sure a picture won’t do it justice, though -- for many reasons, but mainly because it’s the texture that I love the most.

Hey, it’s Friday now, and that means it’s a jeans day. However bittersweet Fridays have become for me, I love jeans days.


UPDATE: Ok, the links to the songs do not work. If anyone knows how to "unprotect" a protected music file purchased from iTunes let me know. I have a feeling I will never purchase something from iTunes again.


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NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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