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Saturday, July 01, 2006

more colbert, anyone?

I ran across this diary at the Daily Kos. It's great. Make sure you take the time to follow the links. Here's the intro:

No; this story will not die. So There. And why should it? Colbert's performance at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner is still just as ballsalicious and snarktastic as ever. Besides; the more we blather on about it, the more people come to realize the preznit got owned.

To that end, I've been sharing it with lots of people and found myself having to explain some of the references. I've run into a similar situation regarding Pink's "Dear Mr. President;" not everyone is familiar with the "hard work" reference. So I thought it'd be fun to have an annotated Colbert for those who don't live, eat and breathe political news. Naturally, I can't claim to speak for him; any editorializing or snark is a product of my warped mind. But I have tried to identify the inspiration for said snark accurately. Without further ado, Mr. Colbert:

The diary provides Colbert's entire speech, with links to articles and videos throughout. Make sure you watch the videos!

This diary lead me to a video of Pink singing her song Dear Mr. President. The title of that song sounded familiar, so I decided to investigate. My inquiry reminded me that the great Pete Seeger also sang a song called Dear Mr. President.

In this photo his is pictured with The Almanac Singers, 1942: (left to right) Bess Hawes, (Pete Seeger), Millard Lampell, Woody Guthrie, Arthur Stern, Sis Cunningham.

I also learned that the not so great 4 Non Blondes did a song called Dear Mr. President. :-)

One of the things that attracted me to Pink's song is how she hammers the phrase "hard work". After watching the debates before the last election, and then watching SNL skit spoofing the debates, my daughter and I have enjoyed making fun of Bush saying that phrase. It's probably not the best part of the song, or the most poignant, but it's the part that made me laugh. Here's the video. Enjoy.

Pink- Dear Mr President - Live


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