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Sunday, November 05, 2006

gotv - obama style

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but I’m “precinct captain” for my precinct. Basically that means I organize GOTV for my precinct, and make certain that things are progressing in a legal manner at the polling place. Hollyanne is precinct captain for a different precinct – one that was in need of a captain -- obviously we vote within the same precinct.

So, things have been pretty friggin’ busy around these parts. Upon returning from Madison, I have spent most of my “free time” (whatever that is) at Headquarters, making phone calls, organizing a GOTV team for my precinct, and attending different trainings. Friday night while we were there, The Cedar Rapids Gazette took a bunch of pictures of Hollyanne and I making phone calls. I think they got a few of my mom, too….three generations might make the paper tomorrow. Kinda funny because we all have the same last name….and most of us with that last name AREN’T Democrats!!! I am anxious to see if it’s put in the paper, and more importantly, if there are any repercussions within the family for that. Whatever.

Saturday we attended another training and then knocked about 120 doors in our precinct. Whew! I was tired after that! I can hardly believe that 48 hours from now we will know the results.

Tonight Hollyanne and I attended a rally in Iowa City. Barak Obama was there (and a zillion people). I would actually like to know how many people attended…it was AMAZING.

After finding a place to park, which is no small task in Iowa City, Hollyanne, Justin and I headed for the ped mall. We could hear the music from the parking ramp, and I was reminded, once again, how much I love Iowa City. There was a pretty big crowd, and as we smuggled ourselves toward the front, the crowd kept growing. There were even people climbing the trees to see!! The national news was there, of course, including Terry Moran (I took a picture).

There were many state candidates as well as elected officials, Ro Foege, Sen Tom Harkin, Gov. Tom Vilsack, etc. This was a big rally for all, but specifically for Future Governor Chet Culver, and Future Representative Dave Loebsack.

I’m sorry, but I can’t even put into words how motivating the many, many speeches were. Iowa has 5 Representatives in the US House. Currently, four are Republican. Nussle has given up his seat to run for Governor, so his seat is open. The lone Democrat is up for re-election. A thirty-year congressman, Republican Jim Leach, is also up for re-election. By winning each of these elections, Democrats will gain two seats in the House. Our state has the opportunity to have a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion, AND have a Democrat led Iowa Congress. Wouldn’t that be amazing??

When Sen. Harkin was speaking he talked about a lot of things....but.....When he was talking about Bush, the fact that this administration is incompetent, and the fact that we need a change, there was a brief moment of quiet...just enough time for Hollyanne to yell "IMPEACH BUSH" loud enough that others followed along the same vein. Harkin laughed a bit, and then very seriously spoke about the fact that he (Harkin) is in a leadership role within the Senate....and that impeaching Bush will NOT be on the agenda of a democratic lead congress. He was quite serious. Then he said that he doesn't know ONE Democrat that would want to have Cheney for President as a result of Impeaching Bush. The crowd cheered.

Barak Obama gives a great speech. My mother is particularly taken by him, and calls him a “rock star”. He does have Rock Star Status. The national news was there, and I think we may have made it on camera. Barak talked about all the usual stuff…healthcare, minimum wage increase, etc. But when he talked about the war, the audience was silent…..almost completely silent. The girl next to us (that passed out several paper plates with peace signs, and peace slogans written on them for all to hold up at appropriate times) was in tears during this portion of the speech. I got it all on video…here (not the tears, but the speech).

Afterwards, the Governor, Senators, etc. crossed in front of the stage, ground level, shaking hands and signing autographs. We got a picture, and Hollyanne got Barak Obama’s autograph.

I have no idea why I chose to wear a stocking cap! What was I thinking?

Less than 48 hours to go. Have you voted? Have you made phone calls? Have you knocked doors?

See...Terry Moran!! LOL


Blogger Donnie McDaniel said...

I hate to say I told you so, well actually I don't, because my gloat mode is fully activated!! WE whipped 'em but good! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

NOTE: KKKarl Rove, you got punked out!! Open wide and take your medicine.

I'm doing the happy dance!! I might celebrate by spending the day torturing the winger sites! Cyber-water boarding if you will! ROFLMAO!!!

11:15 AM  

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